Maria Victoria | Metallic Bronce Tote | Upcycled, Handwoven, Bronze Tote

$92.00 USD
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Indulge in luxury with our Metallic Bronze, featuring the timeless Maria Victoria Bag in a captivating handwoven design. Made from repurposed plastic, this versatile bag is perfect for poolside lounging, beach outings, grocery excursions, and everyday tasks. With easy cleaning and fade-resistant colors, you'll never want to leave without it.

Measurements: length x depth x height with handle length 

Medium(TT): 13.58x7x13 with 10.5 inch handles

Large(OR): 15.5x7.5x15 with 8 inch handles

Extra Large(OT): 17.5x8x18.5 inches with 8 inch handles