Oasis Totes

$110.00 USD
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The Oasis Totes are a must-have for every occasion! Handmade by Mexican artisans using recycled plastic, these totes are not only colorful and vibrant, but also waterproof. From the beach to the gym, these show-stopping totes are both elegant and practical. Say goodbye to boring bags and upgrade to the Oasis Totes!

Measurements: length x depth x height with handle length
  • Mini (MI): 8x4x8 inches with 5.5 inch handles
  • Extra Small (MO): 10x5x9 inches with 8 inch handles
  • Small(TS): 13.5x7x11 inches with 8 inch handles
  • Medium(TT): 13.58x7x13 with 10.5 inch handles
  • Large(OR): 15.5x7.5x15 with 8 inch handles
  • Extra Large(OT): 17.5x8x18.5 inches with 8 inch handles