Are You A Shop Owner Interested In Maria Victoria at  Wholesale Prices?

Click here or on the image above to view our NEW Spring/Summer 2023 collection!

If you are like us, you have a passion for fashion, an interest in hand-crafted artisan products, and most importantly, love to support sustainable manufacturing that minimizes carbon footprint.

We are proud of our product line, and your loyal customers will surely thank you for carrying them! We offer hundreds of options. You can find your favorite designs in various patterns and sizes. As you see in our catalog, our current product selection includes Handbags, Wallets, Sandals, Accessories, Beach Wear, and more!
Whether you are a boutique, a larger retailer, or wholesaler, we know you will find products that your customers will love. With new styles and designs released each season, your customers will keep coming back for more! To become a wholesaler, click the link below and fill out the application and we will get back to you soon!


Conditions of Sale:

  • Minimum opening orders and reorder is $500.00

Wholesaler requirements:

      • All products must be retailed through a storefront for retail.
      • Retailer may not use the name Maria Victoria as the name of its store and may not use any Maria Victoria trademark or service mark without our written approval.
      • Retailer may not use the name Maria Victoria as their social media handle, or website by any means.
      • Maria Victoria may, in its discretion, close any account at any time without notice.
    • Maria Victoria Independent distributors are not permitted to offer for sale any bags that may potentially compete with our brand. This applies specifically to promotional activities conducted on their respective webpages, social media platforms, or any other point of sale.
  • Inactive accounts will automatically receive an email after 90 days with no orders, if by then the account is not active again, it will automatically be closed.

The wholesale application form is available by clicking the following link: