Sunrise Totes

$100.00 USD
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 Experience the convenience and functionality of Sunrise Totes! Our totes are designed with you in mind, featuring the perfect size for all your daily needs. With a spacious interior and comfortable handle length, our totes make it easy to carry all your essentials with style. Whether you're heading to work or running errands, our totes have got you covered. Don't sacrifice on fashion or practicality - choose Sunrise Totes for the ultimate tote bag experience!

Measurements: length x depth x height with handle length
  • Mini (MI): 8x4x8 inches with 5.5 inch handles
  • Extra Small (MO): 10x5x9 inches with 8 inch handles
  • Small(TS): 13.5x7x11 inches with 8 inch handles
  • Medium(TT): 13.58x7x13 with 10.5 inch handles
  • Large(OR): 15.5x7.5x15 with 8 inch handles
  • Extra Large(OT): 17.5x8x18.5 inches with 8 inch handles